About Us

Bria Excellence in Kitchen and Cabinet design, production and installation

As our potential customer you will likely know that excellence cannot be achieved without a passion for your profession, craft, trade, sport or art. At Bria we take great pride in every project we undertake. We like to think that if our Kitchens were cars they would be top of the line Audis or Mercedes. Beautifully crafted, precision engineered and entirely user friendly for the entire family.

In fact at the heart of every Bria Kitchen you’ll find exactly that – precision, German-engineered, kitchen componentry from Hettich. Engineering so fine that you’ll get a thrill out of just opening and closing your new drawers. which we might add is an entirely pleasureable, tactile experience. So really it’s a bit like having a German thoroughbred secreted away in your kitchen cupboards and a pleasure you’ll enjoy on a daily basis.

If you’ve watched the short Hettich video above you’ll only need a rudimentary understanding of engineering to see that the runners slide within a barrel with ball bearings on each face meaning that the runners are extremely strong and also virtually frictionless. So when the kids are driving you nuts or it’s been a stressful day at work this is one more thing that will restore your peace of mind.

No more dealing with annoying drawers that get stuck. Everything will just slide and open or close with no noise, no thud or clatter – perfect. All Bria Cabinetry whether for the Lounge, Bedroom, Kitchen or Bathroom uses Hettech hinges and componentry. This ensures that all doors and drawers open, close, unfold and shut with precise consistency. Built to last you can be sure than these components will stand the test of time. 300 years from now who knows they might be collectable.

Look closely and you’ll see that this is not a hinge. it’s a work of art. Precision made and built to last.

  • Long lasting, precision made German-engineeered hinges, drawer, runners and handles
  • Optional Stone Benchtops in a variety of colours & textures
  • Frictionless and noiseless drawer action with soft closing functionality
  • Joinery and mitres, precision cut to 10,000th of an inch
  • Permaflex laminate – scratch resistant , heat resistant surfaces with wipe off, non-staining surfaces
  • We don’t cut corners. Only the best products have been used above and below the surface where the customer can’t see
  • Guaranteed quality assurance